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Established in 1979, Rainford Garden Supplies, a turf supplier, grower and turf farm based in the northwest, on the Lancashire / Merseyside border near Rainford, St Helens in the north west of England approached Web World Designs with a request for a static business website with turf supplies web design to showcase their turf farm and associated garden supply products: ornamental slate, decorative landscape bark, play bark, garden mulch, topsoil, gravel and garden landscaping supplies.

The garden supplier also needed a new favicon design.

The result was the turf supplies web design for a 15 page static business website.

Hosting, online advertising and dedicated individual webpage optimisation using organic SEO and Local SEO for location and key phrases for each sector of their expanding company was also requested to help the boost their client base.

After consultation with the client a suitable design was agreed for their new business website and a matching facicon and logo design were created.

Web World Designs were responsible for organic SEO and Local SEO on the optimised content and Rainford Garden Supplies provided the graphics and garden product details.

Location was a key factor in the resulting organic optimisation and Local SEO, coupled with specific product-orientated keywords pertaining to their many-sided business.

The Rainford Topsoil Supplies webpage jumped straight in onto page 1 of, ranked 2nd, proving once again that organic search engine optimization works every time. 

The other webpages, which together make up the Rainford Garden Supplies business website, enjoyed top ranking for their various products when they were crawled by googlebot and msnbot and indexed into their search engines.


Business website
turf grower in Lancashire - dedicated professional online marketing and organic search engine optimisation (website optimization) services of Web World Designs Liverpool can help your business. Website structuring and SEO copywriting are vital to search engine ranking




Organic Search Engine Optimization & Local SEO
Rainford Topsoil Supplies, page 1, ranked 2nd on - Web World Designs Liverpool is a Merseyside SEO company which excels at online marketing, ethical organic SEO, search engine optimisation (website optimization), search engine submission and website promotion services.  So much so, your SEO consultant will guarantee search engine placement




Rainford Garden Supplies, page 1, ranked 1st out of 3.6 million search results for garden bark on - Search Engine Optimisation (website optimization), or SEO, is vital if you want your company webpage to be ranked well in the search engines. 80% of online marketing transactions begin with a search. Just under half of the online searches require local services. Any small business can tap into and exploit the local market with a properly optimised website




Page 1 ranked 1st
out of over  3.6 million
search results on for
garden bark northwest























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